The Ghana National Bibliography (GNB) is compiled at the George Padmore Research Library on African Affairs and published by the Ghana Library Authority. Both the bimonthly supplement and the annual cumulation are compiled from catalogues and acquisitions lists of existing libraries in Ghana, but the majority of the items are based on materials received under the Book and Newspaper Registration Act (Act 73) of 1961.

The bibliography includes everything about Ghana (no matter where published) and everything by Ghanaians. The adoption of the ISBD has resulted in international recognition of the bibliography.


Entries in the GNB are arranged in a classified sequence as per the Dewey Decimal system of subject classification (22nd edition). The corresponding Colon Classification (6th Edition) is also assigned at the right hand corner below each entry. Chain Procedure is used for subject headings. If more than one entry comes under the same classification number, the entries are arranged alphabetically. If there are two or more works by the same author under the specific classification number, the name of the author is not repeated and the works are arranged alphabetically by their titles under the specific DDC number.


In this part, the entries are arranged alphabetically. When the author of the book is known, it can be traced using Author and Title Index. If the information in the index entry is inadequate and more information is required, reference is made to the entry in the classified part with the help of the class Number assigned at the end of the Author Index Entry.


To find the books in a particular subject, one can use the Subject Index, which refers to the Classified part by the means of DDC Number assigned against the name of the subject. For example, in the Subject Index under Ghana, all the subjects related to Ghana have been brought together.


Publishers under this form of indexing are arranged in alphabetical order, grouping the total number of publications from them for a specific period of time.